Kiniyidun Gaaaaan!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July to my American friends!!! It’s sad that i’m not attending any bbqs today, but that’s alright I’ll make up for it in a few weeks. On another note, I am extremely excited to blog today (not that I’m not usually excited,) but this one sweetens my heart to write and I mean this literally and figuratively. My mum makes boxes/packages for cakes, gifts and a ton of different things. So, growing up, there was always cake in the house thanks to all her cake making clients. I grew up being exposed to different types of cakes and frosting. I knew how to decipher between a good chocolate cake and a bad one simply by looking at it. This is a skill I am extremely thankful that I have acquired as it has saved me from some life terminating situations. You might think i’m exaggerating, but this is for real. If you haven’t guessed already, this post is about something sweet, something neat, something everyone needs to eat. That was my Dr Seuss moment of the day 🙂

                                               Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 7.19.57 PM
Yesterday, I had an awesome time hanging out with the lovely Temi Longe Igbinovia who is the owner of Kiniyidun Handcrafted Confections. Now for my non-Nigerian, non-Yoruba speaking readers here’s something to help you
Kiniyidun: /Key-knee-yi-do-uhn/ This thing is sweet!
And boy do I agree.
 The cake business is never saturated anywhere especially here in Lagos where there are enough sweet teeth to satisfy and enough weddings and birthdays to last a life time. Amidst this huge number of businesses, there are some people that stand out to me. I am particularly interested in the newer breed of bakers and confectioners who are paving their way into our hearts and ultimately our bellies. Kiniyidun is one of those that caught my interest. It was established as a business in 2012, but in all honesty is the culmination of Temi’s childhood interest in baking and decorating. What draws me to her cakes though is the presentation. Minimalist, Clean and a breath of fresh air is what I think of when I see her cakes. Now, I had never tried any of her products until yesterday, but I had scouted them on Instagram and was counting down to the day I would finally have a bite. Thankfully, that day has come and now I can fully justify my loyalty.
FullSizeRender_1   FullSizeRender_3
While I wait on my membership card for the loyalty rewards program, I have chosen to share with you why you need to drip drop your way to this amazing confectioner. Professionally, Temi is an animation artist who has taken her passion for art and fused it with her pristine baking skills to create an experience one might refer to as unforgettable. She is a light hearted person who is all about catering to her client’s needs and ultimately improving herself to create more so that others can enjoy.  When you work with a person who has a great personality and provides you with quality products, you really can’t go wrong. I had the rare opportunity of being in the kitchen with Temi as she whipped up an amazing apple crumble which she served with some custard. The delicate balance between the artificial sugars and natural sugar from the apples was perfection. I loved how the crunch of the crumble was smoothly complemented by the custard. All in  all, this was an amazing experience and I know before I leave, I will definitely be ordering some of those for the road 😉 The second thing I was treated to from the Kiniyidun menu was a vanilla cupcake with what I think was a vanilla buttercream frosting. The cupcake was fresh out of the oven so the frosting was served on the side. The cake  was nice and fluffy and pretty easy to eat. You know how there some cupcakes that require a work out to pull back the cupcake liner before you can even attempt to eat it, yes this was NOT one of those. It was a great mandibular experience!
FullSizeRender_2  FullSizeRender    FullSizeRender_2  FullSizeRender_1
I am so glad that the quality matched the presentation that I had seen on Instagram. For me it was a win win situation all around and I hope that if you are in Lagos at any point, you contact Kiniyidun for your cakes and confections. I will try to behave myself and not buy everything on the menu before I leave, but I honestly can’t make any promises to you about that. You can click HERE to view the menu and get the contact info for Kiniyidun. Until then, i’ll be sure to keep you posted on my review of anything else I get from her.

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