IAmIsigo And I’m Killing It

I don’t know if there are any words to describe the subject of today’s post. This one is a mix of creativity and good finishes. On Saturday night after battling male chauvinism and sustaining wounds in the process (check that out here,) I I had the pleasure of attending the soft opening of IAmIsigo’s AW 15/16 collection and store opening. Now, I must confess that i’m not really into fashion let alone keeping up with designers so I make friends with people who do. That way, they can keep me in the know and I won’t be totally clueless. In Nigeria, there are a ton of designers who are going beyond the African continent and sharing their creativity and culture with the rest of the world. Bubu Ogisi, creative director of IamISIGO is one of those people who are doing it big in Lagos and all around the globe. So, this will be somewhat of a review of the collection and the store in general which I completely fell in love with. I should also note here that IAmIsigo is delving into interiors and furniture pieces.

Photo by Yagazie Emezie
Walking in, we were offered a glass of wine and then we ascended the stairs that led us to the front door of the store. In true Nigerian style, there was a DJ who played an eclectic selection of music. The first thing that caught my attention though were the white walls and somewhat minimalist look to the store. There were racks as you would imagine, but these ones were super cool. Taking a closer look,one would notice that the ends seemed to be parts of a bicycle. Yes friends, the clothing racks were made from parts of a bicycle. This made perfect sense artistically and thematically as the designer’s interior theme revolved around motion (no pun intended) and you could definitely tell that from the rest of the store pieces.


Check out the tyre
Check out the tyre
Let’s talk about the clothing on the racks what do you say? I was personally impressed with this collection as all the pieces had a story to tell. According to the description of the collection, the pieces were inspired by some parts of Bubu’s youth and the movie Calamity Jane. Hence the reason why the collection was titled EastofWest.
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Clean Finishes
 IMG_6220   IMG_6231 IMG_6217
While looking through the pieces, I pulled out my phone to write words that came to mind as I felt some of the fabrics/yarn and here’s some of what I put down: Sturdy, Soft, Easy, Strong, Rugged and Intricate. This collection was a mix of prints and a ton of crochet. The fact that things were crocheted is probably the major reason I love this collection. Not only is crocheting a field I know well, it is also one I am challenged by.  It is safe to say that on a personal level, I am challenged to do more with the yarn I have stashed up in my closet. Enough about me and back to IAmIsigo. It’s delightful to know that from a continent where people see problems, someone else has risen up to show that there’s more to us than that single story. We are a creative set of people who don’t limit ourselves to our circumstance or environment. We transcend them with perseverance and zeal and present them to you in a fabulous store. Great job Bubu Ogisi and I look forward to what’s next. I’ll let you take a look at some of the interior pieces.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Tyre Dining Set

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