Asking All ‘Em Questions

It has been a while since I last posted. First, let me apologize as it was unintentional. The past few days have been eventful and I can’t wait tot share it with you all. On another note, it was father’s day yesterday so, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads and dads  to be that read my blog 🙂 I really appreciate you! Anyway, Saturday was a fun day as I got to attend my first Nigerian wedding of the year. Not only did I attend the weeding, I also got the opportunity to sing at the wedding. Surprised???

Quick fact about me: On the days when I am not working away in lab or stressing my older brother out (which is a full time job,) I am probably singing somewhere.
Back to the wedding though, I can definitely tell you that I had a great time. However, before I outline what exactly I loved about it let me share with you what transpired in the early hours of the morning that I definitely call a proudly Nigerian experience. While people easily get ready made clothes from the mall, there are times when one can buy cloth fabrics and have them sewn to your specification by a tailor. In essence, people have their personal tailors and they choose these tailors based on their ability to execute a design WELL. Also, people have multiple tailors with varying levels of experience and expertise. Since I just got back, one of my mother’s tailor was top pick as he often makes me clothes even while I am in the US. I handed him my fabrics I had purchased at JoAnn’s about a week ago in hopes that it would be ready for Friday. Truth is the wedding was on Saturday not Friday, but you want the tailor to make sure your clothes are completed before the actual day. Friday came and there was no tailor in sight. I frantically called and was told it would be ready first thing in the morning. Apparently, all that was left was a sleeve to attach to the blouse. I was a bit infuriated, but it was just a sleeve or so I thought. We set a 7:30am pick up appointment on Saturday and as my dad I were about to head out, I figured it would be wise to call the tailor. He picks up and says well, umm…….there hasn’t been power……your clothes aren’t ready. Now, at this point I am already upset and I decide to wear something else. My dad on the other hand sees this differently and comes to an agreement with the tailor. In an hour the clothes must be ready, but in order for this to happen my dad has to take a gallon of diesel to help power the tailor’s generator. After all that hassle and an hour and thirty minutes later, I get my clothes and walk out the door. At this point, we were already running a little behind schedule.
The church wedding was AMAZING!!! The pastors that officiated the ceremony were very interactive with the those that had gathered to be witnesses to the union. The bride and groom looked dashing, but my favorite part was the sermon that was preached. Straight to the point, foundational, funny, true, but most important of all relevant to the couple and their faith. She urged them to love and listen regardless of the circumstance. I definitely put that on my To Do list for the future. The reception was beautiful and clean and the MC was hilarious. In the midst of all the merriment came prayers. Yes, you read that right and the prayers went along these lines
                       You will get married soon in Jesus Name
                   We will attend your wedding this was very soon
Others weren’t prayers, some of them were questions such as:
                             When will we come to your wedding?
                                    Is the date set yet?
                                    Where is the man?
I wasn’t prepared with a response even though I pride myself on being quick on my feet. I was flawed that people were more interested in that than what my life goals were. Maybe if they had asked, they might have found out how inappropriate some of those prayers were. I believe a wife should be supportive of her husband including financially and so, if that’s the case can I at least get a job before marriage is wished upon me? I would hate to be unprepared for my future in such a way. So please before you pray for a person be sure to have a relationship with them. Don’t be caught asking all ’em questions when you don’t even know me like that.

2 thoughts on “Asking All ‘Em Questions

  1. Lol we defs don’t wanna be asking all ’em questions after the I dos.

    But get ready for the bombarding with questions on your future marriage. Nigerian auntie have no chill!

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