Sunday Funday

Yesterday was FULL of activities to say the least. This is probably because I haven’t done anything all week and so, yesterday just seemed like a lot – a GOOD lot though. To start off, we went to church which I was really excited about. Little fact about me, I used to teach Sunday school at church while I was still back in Nigeria and I loved every minute of it. Teaching Sunday school put 2 things I love dearly in one place: God and children. So, I was really excited about reconnecting with the kids and their parents of course, but more importantly the kids 🙂 I can’t recall if I have ever shared what a rain storm in Lagos is like on the blog. So, i’d go ahead and give you an idea of what it looks like as it definitely rained cats, dogs and all the other animals in the animal kingdom today.

 I believe the clouds ahead will always give you an indication of what is to come or what’s already ahead . The clouds ahead were a mix of dark  and gloomy which instinctively told my mum that it was already pouring rain at church. As i gripped the edge of the car seat and sometimes my chest as my dad meandered through the Lagos traffic, I saw fat, thick droplets of rain. You know the ones that look like they’d probably hurt you if you stepped out without an umbrella- yeah that kind. They didn’t seem like they needed to take a break, they were on release mode. As cars scrambled to find the best parking spot and tightest corner to overtake the next car, the rain just intensified creating pool-size puddles from the already existing deep pot holes.

We arrived late and wet, but what was most important was that we arrived and made it right on time for worship which is my favorite part of the service. Once the service was concluded, I got to do my hellos to those who knew who I was and those who were completely clueless (something about looking different.) It was shocking that I had evolved so much that  people could barely recognize me. I mean it was me – Onyeka, same face (maybe with some make up) and…..and….I guess they were right. I have changed over time. Life has happened to us all and left its imprints on our exterior and I guess those imprints had covered a greater deal than I want to accept. The most intrigued though were 2 boys who I had taught right from when they were wee lads (always wanted to use that in a sentence.) They both stared at me in disbelief and one finally came to the conclusion that this was a case of Identity Theft. Apparently, the person that showed up at church yesterday had stolen “Aunty Onyeka’s” identity and someone needed to fix it. They asked me questions like:
If you’re really Aunty Onyeka what is my name?
OK! Then, what grade am I in?
They were convinced that the real aunty Onyeka would never come to church without going to the children’s church first to say HI!! They were right though, only problem was that I was late and didn’t know where it was considering that the church had moved to a new location. I was an old time visitor in a new place. I did enjoy watching their faces though when they all realized it was me. I almost got pushed to the floor, but  thank God for the chairs that were around me. Seeing those kids definitely made my day for sure and they even burst into an FCA chant I taught them in 2012. The things they remember and hold dear to them amazes me.
After that awesomeness, I had arranged to meet with one of my friends. I’m pretty sure he won’t read this post so I should feel free to be as embarrassing as I want, but i’d rather not just in case he happens to stumble on it.
Let’s just say i’d get it back in a higher dose than I would have dished out. Moving on before I begin to digress, we had a pretty intriguing catch up session about a topic I haven’t visited yet and was waiting on the right time to.  I think that the time is coming pretty soon as Lagos is the best place to sample crazy dating regulations. I learned so much and realized how much I depend on myself for many things. I should probably feature some of my friends on the blog for this Dating in Lagos post. Until then, my earlier statement has to suffice. You know I love me some Lagos, but dating in Lagos is one I don’t think i’m particularly down with at this time or any other time for that matter.We’ll see how the rest of the trip goes but i’m excited to meet up with old friends, catch up on stories and more importantly start working at the Sickle Cell Clinic (more on that after my visit today)

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